Winter Mix: Trey McIntyre

A familiar face around Ballet Memphis, popular contemporary choreographer Trey McIntyre returns to our studio to create the piece Patsy Cline Gets Her Heart Broken. McIntyre uses the songs of country music legend Patsy Cline combined with the balletic form to create emotional depth and physical power in this new work. The world premiere of this piece will be performed at Playhouse on the Square from February 26-27th and March 4-6th.

Our Choreographer Q&A with Trey McIntyre:

What is the premise around Patsy Cline Gets Her Heart Broken?

The piece explores the tropes of romantic love played out in the structures of a square dance.

You chose music from the country legend Patsy Cline for your piece. What drew you to her music?

It's just so beautiful. She has a unique, grounded, salt of the Earth simplicity to her singing while utilizing a bravura command of country structures, like yodeling for example, and exalts them with detailed mastery. She reminds me of my grandma a lot, in her style and the way she holds herself. Strength and humility.

Trey McIntyre, Choreographer
The piece plays with the tropes of romance and pulls apart the songs to try and discover what is under the gloss of romanticism.

How did you embody Patsy’s soulful sounds around love and heartbreak through your choreography?

I was careful to base the movement in both classical ballet vocabulary and also contemporary movement that is signature in my own work, utilizing standards from social dance very selectively.

What was it like being back in the Ballet Memphis studios working with our company?

It's been dreamy. The dancers are so lovely to work with. So many varied personalities and special talents. Memphis is a city that is dear to me. I've had a very long relationship with the company and every time I return here it's like visiting home.