Inclusive Dance


Inclusive Dance Classes develop body awareness, encourage self-expression, engage students in social emotional learning, and celebrate personal uniqueness through dance-based learning. Students of varying levels of physical and developmental disabilities are welcome.

Ages: 8 years through adult

Times: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm - 5pm

Dates: September 12th through November 30th, 11 weeks (October 10-14 off for Fall Break)

Location: Ballet Memphis Main Campus 2144 Madison Avenue

Cost: One class a week $165.00 ($15/class) | Two classes a week $264.00 ($12/class) | Individual class $20

Attire for boys is shorts and class t-shirt, and for girls leggings and class t-shirt, bare feet and/or tennis shoes.

Pre-registration interviews are required for placement. For more information contact Pam VanGilder at