Support the Arts with a TN Arts Plate!

Ballet Memphis and Other Arts Organizations Benefit from this Great Program

If you've ever been in traffic and seen a Tennessee Arts Plate, that is the same as looking at a name listed on a website or in a program for giving to the arts. It is an excellent way to ensure that we keep the arts alive in Tennessee.

From the TAC website:

The State of Tennessee offers more than 100 specialty license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles. These plates represent special interest organizations, professional organizations, colleges and universities, branches of the military and other topics. Most of these plates are available at your local county clerk’s office.

A Specialty License Plate costs $35 each year. You can exchange your current license plate for a Specialty License Plate anytime, the county clerk will prorate your fees.

County clerks charge an additional $1 fee for the issuance of a specialty plate. This makes the fee $36 for specialty plates and $71 for personalized specialty plates, plus the standard state registration fee and any wheel taxes imposed by local governments.

It is that easy! The hardest part is remembering your screwdriver to remove your old plate and install your new ones. Please consider purchasing one today.