Image of Virginia and Brandon dancing Square Dance.

Seeing Ballet Memphis' Take Shape


Ballet appears to be one of those art forms in which the art comes to the performer with so much ease and so little effort. After seeing one performance at Ballet Memphis as a relative newcomer to ballet, I realized the appearance of ease is a result of an incredible blend of training and artistry.

I went to see Take Shape presented by Ballet Memphis at Playhouse on the Square. Take Shape consisted of three acts, two intermission breaks, and it was about two hours long. The performers of Take Shape include a diverse group of dancers from all over the world including one Memphis native. As I read the bios of the performers, I realized that each dancer had an extensive education and training to become a great performer.

As I watched the show, I admired how the dancers moved effortlessly. I was in awe of how their bodies would bend, twist, flip, and even such small details like how they were able to dance on their toes. My favorite act of the entire show is titled, “The Fingers Of Your Thoughts”. This piece stood out to me the most because the choreography, the spoken words, and the music reminded me of the innocence and playful nature of children. The performers used a cup, a ball and a hula hoop. They wrestled on the ground, snapped their fingers, and played games such as the Cup game, the Sevens, and Slide. I found it interesting that the performers could reflect or invoke the nostalgia of childhood memories without directly stating that the piece was about the fun of childhood.

Ballet can be a good outing for families, couples, and individuals. I think it’s a great idea to attend a performance on a Sunday because it helps to unwind from the previous week and it can potentially inspire you to have a better week. The performance of Take Shape served as a reminder of the importance of preserving and maintaining the arts within the Memphis community. I highly recommend the show for anyone who wants to try a new experience or is already a ballet patron.