Mother Ginger Guest Stars

Two Memphians making their debut as Mother Ginger in this year’s Nutcracker

Nutcracker’s Mother Ginger is a larger-than-life presence and a jubilant mother of many clown children. This year, donning the infamous hoop skirt from which Mother Ginger’s Polichinelle children emerge, are guest stars Kontji Anthony of WMC Action News 5, and Kacky Walton of WKNO-FM.

“I was so excited,” said Kontji Anthony, WMC Action News 5, when approached to play the role of Mother Ginger. “I had this flashback from my childhood because I did ballet from the moment I could walk… the precision, the stories… to see someone telling the story with their body and gestures is an art form that’s incredible to watch,” Anthony remarks.

Pictured above: Kontji Anthony, WMC Action News 5 and Costume Designer, Bruce Bui

“I’m used to being in front of people but not quite this type of audience - a live audience where you get instant feedback.” On her eagerly awaited performance debut, Anthony emphasizes “I love the Nutcracker. I know this story. It’s just magical.”

Mother Ginger’s joyful debut in Act II of Nutcracker never fails to delight. Her communal, generous spirit is not unlike that of our guest stars Kacky and Kontji. On-air daily, these two women connect the city of Memphis through radio and television. They are dedicated to entertaining, educating and informing the Mid-South community.

Pictured above: Kacky Walton, WKNO-FM

“I’m so excited I get to play Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker at the Orpheum” Walton expresses excitedly. “I’m making my debut! It’s a great production with all the beautiful music by Tchaikovsky. It’s a holiday tradition!”

Witness Kontji Anthony and Kacky Walton step in the spotlight to bring the role of Mother Ginger to life. It is a privilege to host these two on the grand Orpheum stage this coming week. Get your tickets today.