Mat Classes

Group Mat Class Prices

  • Ongoing mat classes: Class cards available $90 for a 5-class card, $165 for a 10-class card, $280 for a 20-class card. Cards valid for four months from date of purchase
  • Active for Life: $10 or pay what you can*
*Special pricing is available for trainees, full-time students, professional dancers and performers. 


Group Mat Class Schedule

Types of Classes Offered

Basic Pilates: An Introductory Class

Interested in Pilates but not sure what it is or what it can do for you? Come to an introductory class and experience the benefits of Pilates for both daily life and athletic performance.

Basic Pilates is offered the second Saturday of each month at 12:30.
May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13

Cost is $15.00, free to current students when accompanied by a friend new to the Pilates Centre. Pre-registration required. Call 753-4177.

Essential Level Mat

Beginning level mat class for those new to Pilates or who have been taking a short time. All fitness levels welcome. You will learn the basic Pilates Principles and how to apply them to each exercise and in movements of daily living. 

Intermediate Level Mat

For those who have been practicing Pilates, have an understanding of the basic principles, and are familiar with the essential level exercises and are ready to move on to a more challenging program.

Advanced Level Mat

A challenging work-out for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, the advanced level challenges the endurance of core muscles through exercises involving balance, neuromuscular sequencing and coordination. 

Active for Life

A safe and effective class for older adults who have been less active due to lifestyle or illness and are in need of building strength, mobility and balance. 

Pilates for Youth

Both athletic and non-athletic teens can benefit from a well designed Pilates program for youth. The development of body awareness, concentration, injury prevention, strength, and flexibility will carry over into their habits of daily living both on the field and off.  

Total Barre

Fully integrating the elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training, this class will bring your workout to a new level. Taught by experienced STOTT trained instructors, this class will offer challenging exercises to lengthen, sculpt and shape your body.

The instructors at the Pilates Centre are certified in the STOTT Pilates Method and are trained to provide modification for all body types and fitness levels. Mat classes incorporate the use of small equipment including fitness circles, thera-bands, toning balls, foam rollers, arc barrels and stability balls.