Women in the Arts Festival

The annual Women in the Arts Festival was held at Theatre Memphis and Dixon Gallery and Gardens on February 24th. The beautiful day showcased a host of artistic activities led by women and Ballet Memphis was on site to provide Pilates classes and adult ballet classes to the event attendees.

Rehearsal Director, Julie Niekrasz, participated alongside other Memphians working in the arts, Ashley Volner, Bella Boné, and Jasmine Gillenwaters, in a panel discussion on dance and choreography. Their insights and expertise offered invaluable perspectives on the world of dance and choreography.

Women are an integral part of the arts! We are incredibly proud to have been part of a day that brings together so many women and their art forms.

Rehearsal Director, Julie Niekrasz
"I was honored to be a part of the Women in the Arts panel at Theatre Memphis. Hearing the amazing stories of struggle, success, and sheer grit of these young women, I was honored to share the space with such a brilliant group of young women; women who have carved their own paths in the craft of dance. We hope in sharing these stories we can reach aspiring dancers, future choreographers, or budding entrepreneurs to promote and normalize women in leadership positions."