Live the story of Peter Pan all over again

Lots of people have asked exactly how we'll present Peter Pan, so we thought we'd share the plot synopsis, which also appears in the show program. We hope you enjoy the show! 


Scene 1: The Darling Children’s Nursery It is almost bedtime, and the Darling children are busy playing. Wendy, the eldest, tells her younger brothers a story. Mr. and Mrs. Darling are getting ready for a party but Mr. Darling becomes upset with Nana and takes her outside. Mrs. Darling tucks in her children and leaves. Soon after, the fairy Tinker Bell enters the room, followed by Peter Pan. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell have been chasing Peter’s shadow. Peter Pan then tells Wendy all about Neverland and asks her to come with him to it. One by one, Peter Pan teaches the Darling children how to fly and they leave out the nursery window toward Neverland.

Scene 2: Neverland The inhabitants of Neverland make their appearance. First, the Lost Boys. Next, Captain Hook and his Pirates who are being followed by the Crocodile and Tiger Lily and her Warriors. A jealous Tinker Bell flies down to the Lost Boys and tells them to shoot Wendy, who they mistake for a bird. Once she’s revived, Wendy finally meets the Lost Boys and Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily and her Warriors dance for the visitors while Hook and the Pirates watch in secret. Soon, everyone leaves. Tiger Lily stays behind and is captured by Hook and his Pirates.

Scene 3: Mermaids’ Lagoon Peter Pan and the children visit the Mermaids’ Lagoon and watch the Mermaids frolic. The children, fearful at seeing Hook and the captured Tiger Lily, hide. Peter Pan battles Hook for Tiger Lily and rescues her but is injured while doing so. Hook and the Pirates, however, are scared away by the approaching Crocodile.


Scene 1: The Lost Boys’ Hideout Wendy is looking after Peter and the Lost Boys and telling them a story. After, she decides that it’s time to leave Neverland and go home to her parents. She and the Lost Boys leave the hideout but they are kidnapped by Hook and his Pirates. Hook then enters the hideout to find Peter asleep. While Peter sleeps, Hook poisons the medicine bottle that Wendy left for Peter. Peter wakes up and is about to take his medicine but is stopped by Tinker Bell who drinks it in his place. Tinker Bell dies but is revived by the other fairies. Tiger Lily arrives to tell Peter than Wendy and the Lost Boys have been kidnapped by Hook.

Scene 2: Aboard the Jolly Rodger Hook is forcing the Lost Boys to walk the plank as Wendy must watch. Hook hears ticking, and believing it’s the Crocodile returning, he hides. But Peter is pretending to be the Crocodile so he is able to free the Lost Boys. Hook then battles Peter but loses and is forced to walk the plank. He falls into the mouth of the waiting Crocodile. The children fly away from Neverland.

Scene 3: The Darling Nursery Mr. and Mrs. Darling are waiting in the nursery for their children who return and quietly slip into their beds. The Darling family reunites, and Peter and Wendy share one last moment together.