Ballet Memphis Spring Mix

February 15–24, 2019

Earth, water and sky through different eyes.

A colorful and quirky celebration of the Earthly elements around us, including Steven McMahon’s birdlike fun of the Mississippi Flyway with three-dimensional sets from acclaimed visual artist Erin Harmon. Julia Adam’s water-themed Dew Point, with its playful props and soundtrack featuring Louis Armstrong to Jeff Buckley, and a “fiery” new work from Rafael Ferreras completes the bill.

Friday, Feb 15, 8p
Saturday, Feb 16, 8p
Sunday, Feb 17, 2p
Friday, Feb 22, 8p
Saturday, Feb 23, 8p
Sunday, Feb 24, 2p

"Flyway," by Steven McMahon, is a whimsical, colorful work inspired initially by the many peculiarities, behaviors, and patterns that birds exhibit in this setting.
Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer