Friday, November 9, 2018


7:30 pm


Friday, Nov 9, 7:30p

Saturday, Nov 10, 7:30p

Sunday, Nov 11, 2:30p

Join Youth Ballet Memphis for their fun and inspiring fall show. Three performances, just $10 each and perfect for families. This young group of dancers has conceived, choreographed, lit, designed and will dance the entire performance, with the help of their professional Company dancer teachers the Ballet Memphis School. Want to know what the show is about? Check out the ideas on "Perspectives" from our Youth Ballet Memphis dancers:

Lydia Summers: My piece is from the perspective of the narrator and explores the idea of taking “the
road less traveled by.” The takeaway? One decision can change your life.

Anaum Showkat: I wanted my piece to show three different perspectives of one girl: how the girl sees herself in society, how society sees her, and how the girl wants to be seen in the world. The takeaway? Beauty can come in many forms.  

Karley Childress: My piece is about the stereotype of homeless people not being human or adequate. The theme? We were. And then we weren't.

Laurel Larsen: This piece will be about individual perspectives of what people see in the mirror versus what the rest of the world sees. The theme? I THINK, I'm not good enough.

Lise Larsen: My idea is to use aerial perspectives which is sometimes called atmospheric perspectives. Leonardo da Vinci said, "Colours become weaker in proportion to their distance from the person who is looking at them." The takeaway? You look closer, it gets closer.

Cassidy Jenkins: My piece is a visual representation of the struggle girls have in their minds with self-acceptance.