A Vision for New Work

in Honor of Dorothy Gunther Pugh

In building Ballet Memphis in the city that she loves, Dorothy has brought her vision to life for what a ballet company can be, who it can represent, and the stories that it can tell. She has built a life and legacy dedicated to representing and supporting all human beings fairly and compassionately, while always challenging industry expectations.

Through A Vision for New Work, Ballet Memphis commits to stay true to the ideals on which Dorothy founded this company - to Imagine a more compassionate world; to Discover new ideas and broaden our thinking; to always Dream of what is possible; and to let our spirits Fly.

A Vision for New Work seeks to honor her legacy with a commitment to choreographers of color and women who have long been unseen and unheard in traditional ballet. Recognizing that our rich American culture has so many stories to tell, we seek to create new work that uplifts the human spirit, brings people together in community through dance, and celebrates all voices.