Semester tuition

The 32-week ballet school year is divided into two semesters. Tuition may be paid all at once or in four monthly installments.

If you would like to pay in full, you may do so over the phone, in person, or online (by clicking the Enroll button on the left). To pay in installments, please call (901.737.7322) or stop by the school to reserve your child's place in class with a 25% tuition deposit. This deposit is only refundable up until seven (7) days preceding the beginning of each semester. No refunds will be given once the semester begins. The remaining monthly payments may be scheduled on a credit card of your choice, or billed for an additional $20/semester fee.

Early Pay and Family Discounts

Several discounts are available for early pay tuition and families with more than one student enrolled. Additional fees may also be charged to those who do not secure their monthly payments with a credit card. For a complete breakdown of applicable discounts and fees, please contact Ballet Memphis School.

Financial Aid

Full and partial scholarships are available to school-age students through age 18 whose circumstances warrant assistance. Financial assistance is awarded for the period of one school year (August through May), and must be resubmitted annually. Financial aid application deadlines are: August 8, 2016, for returning students, and August 22, 2016, for new students.

Financial Aid Application (PDF)