Ballet Memphis brings more new works to the stage each season than any other national ballet company of the same size—from fresh new faces such as Garrett Ammon, Mikelle Bruzina, Petr Zhradnicek and Matthew Neenan, to lauded choreographers Mark Godden, Julia Adam, Dana Tai Soon Burgess and Jane Comfort. Commissioned repertoire of Ballet Memphis also includes works by Trey McIntyre, Lila York, Abou Lagraa, Shapiro and Smith, Robert Battle, Joseph Jefferies, George Balanchine, and more.

Currently Touring Repertoire (mixed rep)




In Dreams

Choreographer: Trey McIntyre. Cast: 2m, 3w. Length: 17 min. Premiere: 2007. Music: All songs performed by Roy Orbison—“Dream Baby” by Cindy Walker; “You Tell Me” by Sam Phillips; “The Crowd” by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson; “I Never Knew” by Sam Phillips; “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison; Interview with Roy: Being Remembered, from Roy Orbison Hits! Hits! Hits!; “Crying” by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. Description: Performed to the expressive voice of Roy Orbison, In Dreams is a sometimes dark, always passionate journey through six of the legendary artist’s most popular songs.


Dew Point

Choreographer: Julia Adam. Cast: 5m, 5w or 4m, 4w. Premiere: 2011. Length: 21 min. Music: “La Vie en Rose” from His Decca Years by Louis Armstrong, “Aquarium” from Carnival of the Animals VII by Barry Wordsworth and the London Symphony Orchestra (Bizet, Ravel, Saint-Saëns), “I Saw a Ship A-Sailing” from Leave Your Sleep by Natalie Merchant, “Swimming Song” by Kate and Anna McGarrigle, “The Poet Acts” from The Hours by Philip Glass, “Hallelujah” from Grace by Jeff Buckley. Choreographer’s Notes: A collage of water-filled images that give one a feeling of the cycle of life, from the 1940s swimsuits to my homage to the river beside which Memphis rests. Sometimes playful, sometimes somber, often poetic.


The River Project

Our most exciting national endeavor yet, The River Project is a journey of the soul. This collection of new works uses the Mississippi River as a catalyst in this nation’s young history for moving people, ideas, music, art and religion. This exciting evening will feature three new works—including Steven McMahon's gospel-inspired revelation, Julia Adam's New Orleans French-imbued expedition and Matthew Neenan's Motown-infused experience.

Available Repertoire (full length)


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Choreographer: Mark Godden. Run time: 58 minutes - no intermission. Cast: up to 10 dancers and 10 local children. Run Crew Approx: 3 carpenters, 3 Electricians, 2 Flymen, 1 Sound, 3 Props

Romeo & Juliet

Choreographer: Steven McMahon. Run time: 50 min, 15 min intermission, 22 min, 10 min intermission, 35 minutes TOTAL: 132 min. Cast: up to 20 dancers. Run Crew Approx: 4 carpenters, 3 Electricians, 2 Flymen, 1 Sound, 2 Props, 2 Follow Spots


Choreographer: Steven McMahon. Run time: 38 min, 10 min intermission, 30 min, 10 minute intermission, 23 min TOTAL: 111 min. Cast: up to 22 dancers, 2 local children. Run Crew Approx: 3 carpenters, 2 Electricians, 3 Flymen, 1 Sound, 3 Props, 2 Follow Spots


Choreography by: Joseph Jefferies, Karl Condon and Janet Parke. Run time: 52 min, 20 min intermission, 44 min TOTAL: 116 min. Cast: up to 25 dancers, 2 local adults and 75 local children. Run Crew Approx:  6 Carpenters, 9 Flymen, 4 Electricians, 4 Props, 2 Sound, 2 Follow Spots.

Wizard of Oz

Choreographer: Steven McMahon. Run Time: 43 min, 15 min intermission, 35 min TOTAL: 93 min. Cast: up to 18 dancers and 10 local children. Run Crew Approx: 3 Carpenters, 3 Flymen, 3 Electricians, 4 Props, 2 Sound, 2 Follow Spots