Getting ready for theater week

Next week the dancers begin theater week for Family Matters, and there is a feeling of excitement around the studio. A lot of people said they felt ready to get their work on the stage, where it can take on new life. In one of their last run-throughs in the studio, Steven McMahon is patient and encouraging with the dancers of his brand new work, The Royal We.


This piece is a take on the royal family, in an exaggerated, comic way. It uses the royal family as a vehicle to peer into the real lives and struggles of any family. Children who "see more than we think" according to Steven, supportive and absent loved ones, unrequited love. And just wait until next week when the this "royal" family is dressed in their outlandish costumes, including one over-sized hair bow and one huge crown, and dancing under the stage lights!

Posted by Joan Biddle at 1:39 PM
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